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The dormant business is acquired by Graham and Daphne Rowanand incorporated into Wealth Invest Limited.


Record low rates and a strengthening pound see sales climb back to pre-crisis levels.The leaseback portfolio becomes part of the Elite Investor Club.

Leaseback sales reach a peak as British investors live their dreams of owning French property in the Alps, Paris and the Cote D'Azur

The financial crisis hits and leaseback sales grind to a halt

A broader selection of projects and favourable interest rates bring more investors back into the market.  Graham Rowan publishes The French Property Secret.

Daphne Rowan

Daphne is the organiser who helps Graham make stuff happen. She's a problem solver par excellence and makes sure that Leaseback clients get what they need when they need it.

Daphne is now 100% focused on helping our clients make investments in this exciting sector. Daphne shares Graham's love of France and enjoys visiting new projects so she can be the eyes and ears for our clients.

sidiqa hazara

Sidiqa helps to oil the wheels so that everything flows smoothly at the UK end of the investment process. She also helps us run our live events within the Elite Investor Club. She is often the first to answer the phone so you're bound to speak to her at some point.

Be warned - Sidiqa has a wicked sense of humour... 

bertrand le mire

Bertrand heads up our bi-lingual support and back office team based in France. They can handle everything from the paperwork to acquire your French dream home through to minimising any tax liabilities on your French tax return.

Graham Rowan

Graham Rowan leads the Leaseback Team and has a passion for helping people secure their dream French property investment through the French leaseback system.

He wrote the definitive book on this topic, The French Property Secret, in 2011 and has been a frequent speaker at industry events and in the media.

Mind you, he's also passionate about France so he now has the ideal excuse to spend lots of time there!

Meet the team

People from all walks of life and all countries invest in French leasebacks. We have helped clients in the UK, the Irish Republic, Switzerland, the United States, Bermuda, Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong and many other countries.

It helps them secure their financial future. If you take a repayment mortgage, a leaseback really acts like a property pension.

Our friendly bi-lingual team will guide you smoothly through the entire process whether you are buying, selling or just need help to manage your existing leaseback.

A French leaseback property is designed to be hands free!






Company established in Manchester

Leaseback is the UK's leading specialist provider of French Leaseback property -we wrote the book on it!

We've been involved with French leasebacks for 11 years now, helping our clients from all over the world to acquire over 1600 leaseback properties. Over 30% of our clients have invested in more than one leaseback, building a portfolio to assist with their long term financial independence.

We are the leading experts in the UK on French leasebacks and are often asked to contribute to the specialist press such as Overseas Property Professional magazine and the South African. 

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