You cannot negotiate prices on French leasebacks nor will you find different prices by shopping around. If you want to work with the market experts you need to register with us first or we will be unable to help you!

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The French leaseback scheme enables you to acquire your dream property in France with:

  • A 20% VAT rebate
  • A guaranteed rental income
  • Mortgages of up to 85% at record low rates
  • Minimum hassle as a management company does all the work


It sounds like a cliche but, if you're a UK investor, there's never been a better time to invest in the French market. With QE bringing the Euro down against the £ on a daily basis, a 20% VAT rebate and the lowest mortgage rates in recorded history, you couldn't hope for a better time to make your French property dream come true.

We are the UK's leading experts on this exciting and little known way to own your dream holiday home in France. Whether you want a ski pad in the Alps or a sunshine apartment  in the South, we have the property for you. Look no further! Call us now on 020 8914 8432 and tell us what you are looking for!


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  • Ski apartments in the Alps
  • Sunshine apartments on the South coast
  • Investment apartments in Paris 

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